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Development Review

Development Review staff provides guidance and support to developers and property owners who are building on or subdividing land within the City and its planning region. Duties include the administration and enforcement of the Subdivision Regulations and the parking, lighting, and landscaping ordinances contained in the Zoning Code.

Site Plans

A site plan is required for all developments or additions to existing structures. The site plan must be drawn to scale and show, at a minimum, the location of all property lines, buildings, building setbacks, structural details, driveway entrances and exits, utility connections, and stormwater drainage. Addition drawings are usually required for commercial and industrial projects.

The schedule for review and approval of building plans varies from two days to several weeks, depending upon the development and how the plan is to be processed.

Subdivision & Replats

All new subdivisions and replats of property in Johnson City and certain areas of Washington County must be approved by the Johnson City Regional Planning Commission. Whenever you want to divide property or merely shift a property line, please check with the Development Review office to see if you are subject to subdivision law.

Many of the subdivisions approved by the Planning Commission are new subdivisions, with new streets and utilities constructed in conformance with the Planning Commission’s regulations. The Planning Commission regulates all aspects of the development, including streets, drainage, and utilities to minimize potential problems and assure prospective buyers of quality development. New subdivisions are drawn on a plat by a registered surveyor or engineer and recorded in the Register of Deeds Office in the Washington County Courthouse in Jonesborough.

Occasionally, an existing property may need its boundary line changed due to a building or driveway encroachment, or the property owner may merely wish to divide the property into two or more parcels. Technically, this is known as resubdivision on an established lot and is also subject to approval by the Planning Commission. Changing the property lines for existing properties is accomplished by replat. Often minor replats can be processed by the Development Review staff to speed up processing for the owner.

Types of Subdivisions:

  • Standard Subdivision
  • Minor Subdivision (or replat)
  • Condominium Location Plat
  • Multiple Building Development

Fee Schedule

  • Minor Subdivision: $25.00
  • Standard Subdivisions: $40 per lot
  • Multiple Building Development or PUD: $20 per unit
  • Mobile Home Development: $25 per unit


  • Less than 10,000 square feet: $55.00
  • 10,000-100,000 square feet: $155.00
  • Greater than 100,000 square feet: $250.00