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Pothole Patrol is an effort to educate & inform our citizens about potholes, as well as empower them to contribute to the safety of our City roads.

How do I report a pothole?

- To report a pothole via email, please send the address or nearest location of the pothole, along with your name, and contact phone number or email address to; or

- To report a pothole via phone, call our Street Division at (423) 975-2700.

What makes a pothole?

Potholes are formed when moisture gets into cracks on the road's asphalt. During cold weather, moisture freezes and thaws, which expands and contracts the asphalt. Consequently, the asphalt then cracks inward when vehicles drive over this unstable asphalt ... creating a pothole.

When will these potholes be repaired?

While we will attempt to repair all potholes, repairs are mainly made in colder weather to deeper potholes, which can be immediately filled for safety and repaired later during warmer weather. Shallow potholes that have separated from a layer of asphalt underneath are mostly repaired during warmer weather. Regardless of type, each pothole reported will be reviewed to determine which approach is best based on the hazard posed to drivers and weather conditions.

Which potholes are the City of Johnson City responsible for repairing?

The City of Johnson City Street Division is responsible for maintaining the public roads and right-of-ways within the city. The City is NOT responsible for pothole repairs on private property, parking lots, driveway aprons, state roads and Interstate 26 (including the on/off ramps).

So who do I contact for these roads?

Please contact Tennessee Department of Transportation’s East Tennessee Regional Office at (423) 282-0651 to report state roads and interstates.