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Solid Waste Services

Johnson City began its voluntary, curbside recycling program in 1989 and continues to be a leader in the state more than 20 years later. As an outstanding role model in environmental and energy conservation, the long-term success and commitment of Johnson City was recognized with the first-ever Tennessee Municipal League’s Green City Leadership Award. Since 1989, the City has recycled more than 192 million pounds of recyclable materials. That’s enough to cover an entire football field 300 feet deep. The program’s services include curbside, commercial office paper and e-waste. There are five conveniently located drop-off recycling stations across the city, allowing for greater participation not only by city residents but by our neighbors as well.

Special Event Recycling

Johnson City offers recycling services at major events. The Blue Plum Festival is the City’s largest, spanning three days and drawing estimated crowds of 80,000. Attendees can recycle plastic and aluminum; vendors can recycle cardboard and cooking oil. The City’s largest single-day event where recycling services are provided is the Pepsi Independence Day Fireworks and Celebration. Recycling is also available at City parks and athletic fields.